Lily Valley Rabbitry

An ARBA Registered Rabbitry: D2153           

Proud member of:


American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America (MLRCA) and American Mini Lop Rabbit Club (AMLRC) since 2011.



Thanks for checking my website out! I have a small rabbitry located in Lumberton, NJ. I've grown up in 4-H and currently am a member of ARBA, MLRCA, and the AMLRC. I also attend local ARBA shows when I can. I specialize in Mini Lops and occasionally have other breeds. I also rescue rabbits and help them find forever homes. I'm available for petsitting and to answer any questions and concerns you might have!


Lily Valley Rabbits are guaranteed to have a sweet personality because they are handled daily, and they are used to dogs, cats, and kids! I also guarantee they are brood/show quality unless otherwise stated. I always try to  conform to the breed standard as closely as possible. Take a look at my herd and see what's in the nestbox! Please make sure to read the SALES POLICY carefully before inquiring about or purchasing a rabbit. This is my passion, and the proof is all there in my bunnies!




Have a question? It may be answered on the Issues tab! If not, send me an email and I'll be happy to help!

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News and Upcoming Events       

This is updated daily for your convenience if you want to meet me at a show/event or you want to know about rabbit litters.

LAST UPDATED: 2/19/2016



Shows and Events

*Mini Lop babies available: I have just one baby boy left from the litter born 12/29! This boy is solid steel. Pictures are in the For Sale tab. Please email me for more information on this cutie :)

*Mini Rex babies: Lily's Rosie (LMR2) x Stevie. Bred 2/13/2016. Expecting solid blacks and maybe sable.

*Mini Lop babies: SD's Maia x SD's Kristoff bred 2/14/2016. I likely will get chestnut and chinchillas from this pairing

*Adoption rabbits: There are two rabbits looking for their forever homes! Please  check out the For Sale tab for details and contact me if you're ready to welcome a furry friend in need to your home.







Burlington County 4-H Farm Fair Show (2013):

BOB Mini Lop Lily's Elmer (LM01)

Mercer County 4-H Fair (2013):

BROB Mini Lop SD's Honey (PT1)

Salem County 4-H Fair (2013):

BROB Mini Lop Lily's Elmer (LM01)

BOB Mini Lop Foster's Marley (F428)

BIS Mini Lop Foster's Marley (F428) 

Ocean County 4-H show (2014):

Best Solid Senior Buck Lily's Elmer (LM01)

Best Solid Senior Doe Bundles of Bunnies Maia (BB77)

Best Solid Junior Buck Lily's Levi (LVM19)

Best Solid Junior Doe Lily's Porkroll (LVM20)

BROB Bundles of Bunnies Maia (BB77)

Monmouth County 4-H Show (2014)

BROB Solid Senior Doe Lily's Porkroll (LVM20)

Burlington County 4-H Farm Fair Show (2014)

BROB Solid Junior Buck Lily's Bob

BOB Solid Senior Doe Lily's Porkroll (LVM20)

BIS Solid Senior Doe Lily's Porkroll (LVM20)




Phone number: (609) 914-0512


Location: Lumberton, NJ 08048