Lily Valley Rabbitry

About the Rabbitry                             

Hi, my name is Layla DeGroff and I'm 18 years old. The rabbit addiction started about 7 years ago when I bought a Lionhead rabbit from Petco. Her name became "Bunny", and she was the sweetest rabbit ever. From there, I realized I loved everything about rabbits and wanted to learn more. I joined 4-H after a bad experience where I lost a baby rabbit I bought at a market. I've learned a lot since then, and love raising rabbits.


At home, I have about 25 rabbits, two dog, 12 cats, two guinea pigs, and three rats (yes, my family are animal lovers!!). I occasionally foster kittens-now you know where most of my cats came from! I am going to Burlington County College next year for a major in Veterinary Medicine and a minor in Psychology.


My rabbitry is in Lumberton, NJ, and I'm a member of ARBA as well, and attend shows close to home. I run a small rabbitry focused more on QUALITY than quantity. I believe that rabbits should be considered breeding/show animal AND loved pets. I specialize in Mini Lops and occasionally have Holland Lops and Himalayans. I also rescue rabbits and help them find loving homes. All of my rabbits are handled daily and given plenty of time to exercise and have fun in the play pens. Most of my rabbits are outdoor, and live in hutches where they're protected from the weather; especially the summer.


Owning and raising rabbits is a constant learning experience, and everyday I'm surprised by them. They are wonderful pets to own and have their own personalities that make them special! I love answering questions at events and one of my favorites is, "Is that a rabbit?" My mission is to make people smile with my rabbits and learn something they didn't know before. 


I guarantee my bunnies are healthy and personable, and I'll do my best to give you the perfect bunny and answer any questions you might have! Thanks again for checking the rabbitry out!

The playpens                           

The rabbit "mansions": As of next week, all the rabbits will be living in a climate controlled environment!! This will make the winters and summers much easier on them :)