Lily Valley Rabbitry

Customer Comments                               

These are just some of the comments and pictures from people who bought or adopted Lily Valley's rabbits!



"I wanted to update you about Pippa: She is just wonderful, and I couldn't ask for a sweeter or better bunny companion :)... she is honestly just like a puppy, very smart and aware of everything."

                                      Pippa the French Lop!

                                 Charlie the Mini Lop doe!

"I cant say enough good things about the babies you raise. Oliver has turned into such a well adjusted little man and we are proud to have him in our home. Super sweet personailty and very healthy to boot. Will be contacting you soon for another baby!

                                          Oliver the Mini Lop/Mini Rex!


 "Zizzie has taken over! We absolutely LOVE her, she has lots of new friends (dogs,cats, ferret and human. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care and love you gave to Zizzie, you are a bunny angel. Her favorite games are bunny bowling and watch my humans fetch. She already uses her litter box and we are wirking on coming when called. I am send some pics of Zizzie hogging the remote, doing homework and meeting her new Grandmom."


Thanks again, Sheri and Daphne 


It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and learning about your rabbitry. You'll be happy to know that Emily is settling in quite nicely. She seems to enjoy her new hutch and is such a sweet and lovely rabbit. She was wide-awake and happily greeted us early this morning when we went outside to see her. We will take great care of her.

A big bunny thank you!!


I just wanted to send a quick update on Marley. She is so big and doing very well. I need to take a few pictures. She is so funny and still puts up one ear if she hears a noise. I love the way she stretches out when she is calm and relaxed. She is an amazing bunny!

Layla: Thank you again for this great addition to our family. We are all over the moon with her. She is a delight.



Good morning Layla!  

Just wanted you to know that this little bunny is going to receive so much love!  Chloe, Camille and Chase can not hold and snuggle with him enough(me too!!).  He also met our doggie Teddy.  Best friends from the start!!  Can you see Cappuccino in the background?  Yes, we renamed him, majority rule.  What do you think?  

Thank you so much again to you and your mom, pleasure meeting you both!



Hi Layla,

       We just wanted to let you know that Leo is doing great and has really adjusted beautifully to our home.  He is very loved and Olivia spoils him!  His cage is in her room close to her but he gets a little quiet from our busy household.   Last night he was snuggling by the fire while everyone watched Willy Wonka! Thought you would enjoy this photo of Olivia and her little Leo!
Thanks for everything,
Natalie B
Bucky is happily in his new home. Thanks again!
He seems really happy. I let him out for a bit every day and let him roam around my room and he really enjoys that. He also will jump up on my bed whenever I am sitting on it and he will stretch out while I pet him. He's such a great little companion and I'm very happy to have him!


Lauren Janine's photo.

Jimmy the Himalayan in his stylish sweater!