Lily Valley Rabbitry

For Sale Bunnies                      

Pending: Someone has shown interest but you can still inquire about the rabbit

Hold: Someone has made a deposit

Sold: Rabbit has been paid for in full, and is no longer available


I guarantee all rabbits are healthy at the time of purchase and for two weeks later. I cannot guarantee a rabbit will win at the show table, will not develop health problems over the course of its life (excluding genetic conditions such as dental issues), or its continued productivity in breeding.


All of these rabbits are raised and cared for by a youth breeder.


I can take a rabbit back if space permits it but there will be NO refunds and I will not sell you any more rabbits.


If you have an appointment, please be on time!! If you can't make it within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time, please give me a call and we will work out further arrangements.


All babies and rabbits come with a transition bag of food, hay, a care sheet if requested, and a pedigree (unless otherwise stated).


Mini Lops range $40-45


Adoption bunnies have a $10 rehoming fee





Mini Lops                              

LVM77: Chestnut doe $40 ON HOLD

 LVM78: Steel buck 1 $40 SOLD

 LVM79: Steel doe 2 $40 SOLD

 LVM80: Steel buck 3 $40 SOLD

 LVM81: Steel buck 4 $40

Sire: SD's Kristoff (SDJD2)

Dam: Lily's Porkroll (LVM20)


Other (includes adoption bunnies/mixed babies)                                              

Two Dutch does: Approximately 1.5 years old. One black and one tort left. These girls are a bit shy in their cage but are very friendly! $10 each





I have indoor and outdoor slots to take care of your bunnies-at an affordable price! When petsitting, I make sure to treat every bunny like it's a member of the family and adapt to special needs. For no extra charge, I can also clip nails and groom if the rabbit is long-haired. Space is limited, so call or email today to reserve a place. I'm also good at giving medication and know basic rabbit medical care!