Lily Valley Rabbitry

Mini Lops Owned                            


(BB77) Bundles of Bunnies Maia: Sr. Sable Chinchilla doe. This little cutie is was a gift from Brandy Burroughs-Dunn, and I absolutely love her! She's such a sweetie and her coloring is beautiful. She is a great mama too.



BROB: Ocean County 4-H Show (2014)


(LVM20) Lily's Porkroll: Sr. Steel Doe. This girl is out of Lily's Elmer and Fostercare's F428. She is a beautiful, sweet bunny! She is filling out perfectly and does well at every show I bring her to.


Best Junior Doe: Ocean County 4-H show (2014)

BROB: Monmouth County 4-H Show (2014)

BOB: Burlington County 4-H Show (2014)

BIS: Burlington County 4-H Show (2014)

(F428) Fostercare's Marley: Sr. REW. She has great depth, is nicely balanced, and has great bone structure. Marley is one of my best moms; raising a litter of 8 with no problems! Her pedigree has Miles and Harmon, and she is a great addition to our herd. Thanks to Foster Care Rabbitry!


BROB: Burlington County 4-H Farm Fair Show (2013)

BIS: Salem County 4-H Show (2013)

(TBKQ6) Mumble's Swiss (Betty): Sr. Broken Chin. She is all the way from California and she is a beautiful girl! I can't wait to get some babies from her and show her! It was an adventure to pick her up from Convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but totally worth it!



(LVM42) Lily's Merida: Jr. Chocolate Chinchilla. She is out of Fostercare's F428 (F428) and Bundles of Bunnies Sparks (BB77). She is an adorable little girl with a lot of potential. Can't wait to see how she fills out!


(BB46) Bundles of Bunnies Sparks: Sr. Fawn buck. He's all the way from Maryland, from Brandy Burroughs-Dunn. He is such a looker; one of the few Fawn Mini Lops around! He has great type and personality to boot. Can't wait to see how he does on the show table!



Best Senior Buck: Burlington County 4-H Show (2014)

(SB5) Heavenly's Danny (Mushu): Sr. Chestnut Agouti. This boy was actually given away by a 4-Her who had to move. I found his pedigree on Facebook (of all things!) and realized he came from a great breeder! He has fabulous depth and overall body type, the only thing I'd fault him for is he is tipping the scale a little bit. He's mostly retired now, though still sometimes used as a backup buck!



(LVM37) Lily's Bob: Sr. Seal. He is a very sweet boy that looks like he is maturing very nicely! His head is coming in huge and his bones are super thick!



Best Junior Buck: Burlington County 4-H Show (2014)

BROB: Burlington County 4-H Show (2014)



(CK991) Mile's Frosted Flakes: Sr. Broken Lilac Frosted Pearl. This handsome man is such a great addition to the rabbitry! He will bring in some brokens and (hopefully!) a Frosted Pearl or two! Thank you Same Darned Rabbitry for giving me this awesome buck!  


(Waiting for pedigree) SD's Kristoff: Jr. Chestnut. Another handsome man from Same Darned Rabbitry! He'll really help with adding depth and the nice shoulders I've been striving for! Picture coming soon.