Lily Valley Rabbitry

SALES POLICY                             

NOTE: Please read this very carefully before inquiring about a rabbit. Note the new deposit policy. 


Lily Valley Rabbitry is a small, youth run rabbitry focused on quality and temperament. All of my rabbits are given the best care possible, and rabbits are not always available for purchase. A healthy breeding schedule for my does is to wait 3 weeks-month in between litters, and I don't breed in the middle of winter because of the high possibility of frozen kits. There might be a waiting list when you contact, and if you're specific with color/quality the wait may be a little longer. As with every litter, there is a mixture of show, brood, and pet quality. Pet quality rabbits will be specified. I rescue baby and adult rabbits and help them find loving homes as well. These rabbits have a $10 adoption fee to help pay for feed. I strive for quality and temperament, and my goal is to educate people and help them find the perfect rabbit.



Mini Lops: $40-45

Mixed/Rescue Rabbits: $10


I make sure the rabbits are as healthy as possible when they are sold. I keep baby rabbits with their mom until they are 9 weeks old to avoid immunity problems, and all adoption bunnies I receive stay with me for a week to make sure they aren't sick and to assess temperament. There is a two week guarantee on rabbit after purchase, and if it becomes sick or dies in this time I will take it back and give a full refund.  I am not responsible for diseases developed overtime or injury. As soon as the rabbit leaves with you, it is your responsibility if it gets injured. I recommend bringing a cat carrier or a box with a towel or hay when you purchase a rabbit to avoid injury going to and from the car. If purchasing a baby rabbit, I strongly recommend buying Infant Gas Drops and giving them 1-2 drops a day for about 5 days to avoid gastric upset, which is the leading cause of death in young rabbits.


There are no refunds unless the rabbit gets sick or dies within two weeks of purchase. If you decide you can't take care of the rabbit anymore, please return it! There are enough rabbits in the shelters and loose on the streets! I do not recommend purchasing a rabbit during the holiday months or for presents. Many people who do this eventually realize how much work a rabbit is and end up not wanting it. I will NOT ship rabbits because it is too expensive and stressful on the animals. However, I'd be happy to meet you half-way somewhere or at an ARBA show near you for an additional $15 travel charge depending on how far away I have to travel.


Please remember I get first pick out of every litter; a choice I usually make when they're 5-6 weeks old. All other babies are available based off a waiting list policy.


Please note this new policy: There will now be a required, nonrefundable deposit of $20 when the baby rabbits reach 7 weeks old. If I do not receive a deposit by the time the rabbit is 8 weeks old, the rabbit will go back up for sale.


Before purchasing a rabbit, please do your research! Rabbit's are wonderful pets to own, but they have specific needs and may not be what you previously expected. Remember, a rabbit lives up to 9 years, so ask yourself if you're willing to give it attention, food, and keep up with the health costs. Thank you!!